About us

We are a husband, wife and son team from Melbourne, we like long walks on the beach, PBS radio, Op shops and double short blacks, but most of all, we freakin’ love charcuterie. Who doesn’t? Fried black pudding in white bread with HP sauce and butter, Umami packed prosciutto with cantaloupe, pate with pickles and porter, leftover Christmas ham, what would we do without charcuterie?!

Working in high end restaurants for the better part of 20 years Jon has always loved playing with pigs, breaking them down, roasting them and even dating a few!! But the one thing he will not do is use intensively reared pigs. We use rare breed Berkshire pigs from Greta Valley in North Victoria, one of only a handful of APIQ free range certified farms Australia wide. We also use free range chicken livers and eggs from Milawa.

We started Farce Charcuterie on the 21st October 2017 and currently sell our wares at local farmers markets around Melbourne. So if you want some killer charcuterie you know what to do, go to our ‘find us’ page then visit us on the weekend.


Jon, Krystal and Hugo