About us

Farce Charcuterie is the dream of our head sausage stuffer, Jon Bussell. A chef by trade, Jon has always had a passion for charcuterie. While on a holiday in France he was then able to convince his wife of the joys of nose to tail eating, and Farce Charcuterie was born. Our aim is to be able to share some of the amazing foods we have eaten and experienced over the years. Everything from pâté en croûte and blood sausage, to pickled eggs and Cumberland jelly.

The ethos of nose-to-tail cooking allows us to truly use all parts of the beast for our charcuterie, minimising waste. Fat for lard, bones for broth, meat, skin and offal for everything else in between. We hate wastage, especially the wastage of animals which have been raised ethically for our enjoyment. We clean, prepare and cook every part carefully and respectfully.

We also support local producers and do so wherever possible.  We use Berkshire pigs from Greta valley Free range pork. Greta valley free range pork is APIQ certified free range, from Wangaratta, northeast Victoria. All other produce such as our vegetables and eggs are also sourced locally from small organic suppliers such as CERES.